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Talent is massively under-prioritized, yet key to the success of a business.  We are a global talent strategy firm run by anthropologists.

We Apply an Anthropological Approach to your Talent Needs

Innovative companies are often hindered by a shortage of skilled professionals, poor team dynamics, and an unclear talent strategy. We are a team of anthropologists working to change that.


Anthropologists are experts at finding answers to human-centered questions, challenging assumptions, and redefining problems. Using these skills, we help organizations build diverse teams who enjoy working together, understand their vision and values, and deliver on goals.


About Us

Cingeto consultants are trained anthropologists specialized in talent strategy. Anthropological methods, which rely on holism and a systemic approach to understanding people, make it uniquely valuable in this arena.


We specialize in the Space, Aerospace and Innovative Technology sectors.

Airbus OneWeb Testimonial

"Finding the right talent is a very tedious task. A proactive and strategic approach is much needed and job postings aren’t quite enough.​


You need a partner you can build a long-term relationship with and who can guide the process, and you need to be able to trust that they will represent your company and its culture in recruiting your future team members. Cingeto is doing just that. They are successful at leading fast-paced talent ramp-ups and sourcing candidates both in the US and in Europe. The quality and caliber of the candidates and services are outstanding and their team trustworthy."

- Kai Schmidt, Director of HR at Airbus OneWeb Satellites

Cingeto: Talent Strategists

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