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Assessment & Strategic Planning Services

Our approach to talent strategy is deeply rooted in anthropology and borrows from the humanistic perspective.


Cingeto provides you with avenues for talent growth focusing on culture, diversity, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.

- Talent Gap Analysis

- Succession Planning 

- Retention Strategy

- Due Diligence in M&As

- Qualitative Team and                    Individual Assessments


Recruitment Services

The success of an organization is intimately linked to its people. Using our internal tools and knowledge, we find and select strong, diverse candidates who are aligned with the business objectives and culture of your organization.


Our commitment continues well beyond the completion of a search. If our candidate leaves within their first 12 months of employment, we will replace them for free.

- Global Growth - Executive Search

- C-Suite Leaders

- Board of Directors

- SMEs & Technical Fellows

- Project Ramp-Ups


Coaching Services

We see coaching as the art of balancing individual goals, team expectations, and corporate strategy. Our consultants read between the lines, harmonize values and provide a safe constructive environment for growth.

We are guided by integrity and a deep sense of service to the organizations and people we support.

- Executive Coaching

- Cross-cultural Training

- New Leader Assimilation 

- Team Workshops


At Cingeto, we specialize in the aerospace, space, and innovative technology sectors. This has allowed us to build a strong international network of scientists, researchers, engineers, business operations leaders, and executives.

Our Methods

Success Story

One of our clients engineers and manufactures composite structures used in commercial aircraft interiors. Originally made up of five separate facilities, all of which began as separate businesses, they are in the process of completely transforming their organization with the goal of unifying under a single umbrella.

While working with the C-suite leaders, we completed a full qualitative assessment of the company, applying interview, observation, and statistical analysis. Using our findings as a foundation, we were able to assist with formulating a new strategy for talent acquisition, development, and retention.


In the case of our client, our work in assessment and planning, recruitment, and coaching resulted in the integration and consolidation of five disparate sites into a unified organization. We continue to work with their leadership and HR department to ensure their goals are followed through to completion, assisting with team augmentation where needed.

Cingeto: Talent Strategists

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