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About Cingeto

Cingeto means ‘warrior’ in the ancient Gaulish language. The Gauls united vast territories (now Europe) and represented a uniquely progressive time in world history.


We provide innovative talent solutions based on anthropological methods that unify your talent needs with the goals and culture of your organization.

Our Mission

Humans are rich, emotional, intelligent, and complex. We place them at the heart of your business strategy to create a thriving constellation of talent.


We believe diversity goes beyond gender or physical appearance.  Diversity is about the inclusion of people with varied educational backgrounds, personality types, cultural references, life experiences, interests, socio-economic backgrounds or physical abilities.


Cingeto respects all humans and their unique experiences. We have a strong performance history in finding richly diverse candidates, building highly functioning diversified teams, and facilitating cross-cultural and cross-national training  for our clients.


Leadership Team

Jacklin Cagnatel is co-founder and managing partner of Cingeto. She specializes in domestic and international C-level and principal technician search engagements for space, aerospace and innovation technology.


Aligned to Cingeto's anthropological business approach she cultivates strong partnerships with companies who intend to win the talent game by being fast yet creative about how to attract, grow and retain their (future) leaders. Through targeted talent positioning Jacklin helps companies forge successful leadership teams, and assists entrepreneurial organizations scale their operations and nurture their talent for long-term success and business growth.

Prior to Cingeto, Jacklin built her international career on her passion for communications. As multilingual, multicultural  public relations and branding expert she gained executive experience in the corporate world as well as in the agency environment - ultimately leading the German headquarter of LEWIS Global PR, one of the top 30 communications agencies worldwide. Over the past decade she traveled the continents meeting some of the best creative, technical and entrepreneurial talent in aerospace, information technology, marketing and media, resulting in a global network of highly intelligent, motivated and forward-thinking professionals who are carving the future of the world's leading industries.

In 2001, Jacklin graduated with a Master's of Arts in Linguistics, Psychology and Anthropological Studies from one of the most renown universities in Germany.

Nicolas Hine is co-founder and head of finance & operations of Cingeto.  He started his career in Public Accounting at KPMG and PwC in Paris.  Before co-founding Cingeto, he moved his way up, holding progressively more senior operational and corporate finance roles for multinational groups in South Korea, France, and the US.


Nicolas is business-oriented and naturally curious with a strong background in Finance on both the controlling and the auditing sides.  Finance, internal controls, processes, risk assessment, reporting, and analysis are his forte but he also always had a strong interest in cutting-edge technologies and innovation. He developed a natural ability for business strategy as a result.


Nicolas holds a degree in East Asian Literature, Languages, and Civilizations from Paris VII and as well as a Master of Business from ISC Paris and speaks fluent French, English, and Korean.  At Cingeto, he is able to utilize all of his past experiences and what he learned throughout the years.  He enjoys being a partner to organizations and a part of their adventures and challenges.

Igor Chechushkov is a resident scholar at Cingeto.  He graduated in 2005 with a degree in History from the South Ural State University, Russia. He started his career as a researcher but later had to switch jobs to navigate the turbulent Russian market. In a few years, he became the person-in-charge of the Information Services department in a large construction firm specialized in airport buildings. However, he never ended his romance with academia and spent vacations doing archaeological fieldwork in remote areas of Eurasia. The risky decision to join the Ph.D. program at the University of Pittsburgh led him to abandon his professional IT-career, yet created an opportunity to become a full-time social scientist.


At Pitt, Igor studied how and why small human communities abandoned their independence to create large political entities that would later become the modern states. In 2013 he received a Ph.D. degree in History from the Russian Academy of Sciences and in 2018 the honor of being called a Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh. Currently, with his colleagues from the Smithsonian Institution, he is studying the problem of environmental and technological sustainability and searching for ways to deliver scholarly knowledge about sustainability to the modern communities. His collaboration with Cingeto provides a unique opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the social and technological processes that have been unfolding throughout the history of humankind and how they may be projected into the future.

Juliette Neu is co-founder and serves as a senior advisor at Cingeto.    She started her career in talent strategy in 1998.  She was based in South Korea and consulted across East Asia with a focus on organizational assessments, team integration, and cultural alignment. Juliette has deep experience advising the Advanced Manufacturing sector and successfully led recruiting ramp-ups for major international projects in that sphere. She co-founded Cingeto in 2017.


Prior to launching Cingeto, Juliette served as Partner for the Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Technology sectors at a large firm with a focus on global accounts covering the Americas, Europe, and Asia. She worked in Europe, West Africa, East Asia, and North America and speaks four languages. She holds a Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology from American University and began doctoral research in 2012 in Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh. As a multilingual and multicultural anthropologist with experience working on a variety of talent strategy projects, Juliette brings uncommon skills and expertise to consulting. It is her hope that by successfully partnering with clients, Cingeto can contribute to the advancement of technology that ultimately benefits us all.




Global Reach

Cingeto offers a global reach with ultimate discretion and intent. We are experts in our field. We champion human potential by instilling empathetic, trusting, and productive communication into the task at hand; anywhere.


We operate in North America, Europe, East Asia, and West Africa and have a demonstrated track record of navigating emerging market economies.


We successfully design and execute strategies to accompany fast pace talent ramp-ups in a global arena. When driving multi-country talent projects, being able to navigate cultural and regional nuances is crucial. Our success stems from the diversity of our team, experience, training in anthropology and the ability to adapt.

Cingeto: Talent Strategists

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